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Miniature Bull Terriers

A recognized breed since 1972 the Miniature Bull Terrier with its comical personality and its loyal and loving characteristics is sure to make the perfect companion. Its protective nature makes it a great addition to any household. 

Things to Consider:

  • Only approximately 150 produced a year throughout the whole U.S.A. (extremely rare breed)
  • Require minimal to no grooming.
Miniature Bull Terrier Hollywood
  • Generally considered a healthy breed.

All in Kennels

All in Kennels strives to unite Miniature Bull Terrier lovers with the ideal companion. Located near Los Angeles we have been serving the Miniature Bull Terrier community since 1996. With over 20 years in experienced breeding and a bloodline that spans multiple generations our pups have established a solid reputation and are considered one of a kind.


Give us a call at (818) 336-8001 for more information.

Puppies Will be sold as PETS/Companion purpose ONLY NO AKC, NO PAPERS, NO BREEDERS, NO EXCEPTIONS 

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